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The Vegetable Revolution community

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Vegetable Revolution
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Welcome to the Vegetable Revolution community on Livejournal.

Vegetable Revolution is an internet forum that has existed in various forms since 2001. This community is for members of Vegetable Revolution only. As with the main Vegetable Revolution forum, posts on almost all topics are welcome. Please be nice to each other, as fighting will not be tolerated here. Please don't spam this place with lame meme things, you have a personal journal for that stuff.

Any suggestion you have for words and phrases to go in the interests section or blurb to go in the user info would be appreciated.
'zine, ace, anti-backchat, b*ckch*t, bamboozle, caged liberty, channel 4, club 140, club 440, copier monkeys, davord, digitiser, dr robb phd, enizagem avenue, family hour, fulham, generic juices, ghetto internet, jaffa cakes, lemon fanta, manky horrible brussel sprout, matt fatt, mavis, mega-zine, megazine, megazine letters, p142, p382, planet sound, pub talk, teletext, the abyss, the brigadier, the void, townie tim, veg revo, vegetable revolution, vr, white line warrior, wlw, wlw towers, zine, zine twidgery, ziners